It’s been about eight years since the series finale ‘Dexter’ aired, quickly becoming one of the most controversial endings in recent years. Sometime later, the Showtime series has a chance to redeem itself with a new season that will take up the story of the character of Michael C. Hall a few years later.

On the occasion of the celebration of Comic-Con @ Home, Showtime announced in the panel dedicated to this series a few details about it, also releasing the first trailer and announcing the premiere date for this new season, which is called ‘Dexter: New Blood’. It has been confirmed that the series will be limited and will consist of only ten episodes, which will arrive on Showtime from November 7.

Despite its status as a limited series, this ‘Dexter: New Blood’ has also been presented as the ninth season of the series, continuing the experiences of the character played by Michael C. Hall, who returns as the famous serial killer in this new batch of episodes. Along with him, the series will consist of a cast made up of actors such as Clancy Brown (‘Life Sentence’), the main antagonist, Julia Jones (‘Goliath’), Alano Miller (‘Jane the Virgin’) or Jamie Chung (‘Lovecraft Territory’ ‘). Likewise, we have also confirmed the return of two of the actors who were already part of the original series, such as Jennifer Carpenter (who repeats in the role of Debra) and John Lithgow, again as Arthur Mitchell. However, it has been confirmed that his participation in this new season will be brief and almost as a cameo, taking into account how both characters ended in previous seasons.

All for that ending

Along with the launch of the first trailer and the premiere date of the series, this panel of ‘Dexter’ at Comic-Con At Home was also attended by Michael C. Hall himself. The actor spoke a little about what this new series will entail, admitting that the desire to want to do a new season is something that it is due in part to the response that fans of the series had to its end.

Hall says the following: “I think the ending was at least disconcerting for people, confusing, infuriating, frustrating. (…) I think it is a very important series for all of us and the opportunity to be able to revisit it and perhaps to be able to redefine in the process the meaning of that ending and the legacy of the series more broadly, was undoubtedly part of what it motivated us to do it. “

Let us remember that the actor already ruled on this issue a few months ago, with the following words, collected by Comicbook: “Let’s face it: people have found the way in which the series closed certain things quite unsatisfactory and there is always going to be hope that a story worth telling will emerge. I include in the group of people who wondered: ‘What the hell happened to that boy?’ So I’m excited to get back to this. I’ve never had that experience of playing the same character all these years. “

This ninth season of the series will premiere the first of its ten episodes next November 7, on Showtime. In Spain it can be seen through Movistar +.

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