Lucifer has managed to surprise his fans throughout all his seasons. Although the stories about the Devil were always widely used, fiction manages to show another side about the most rebellious son of God. In this way, it provides a very entertaining, engaging and different story. But sadly, everything comes to an end.

With its unrivaled history, Lucifer achieved great success on the Netflix platform. However, as we anticipated previously, the famous fiction will come to an end very soon. A news that saddened the fans of the series and Tom Ellis, the protagonist of the story. Recently, details about the sixth and final season were released.

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What’s coming

At the moment, it is not yet known exactly when the last season of Lucifer will arrive on the Netflix platform. However, fans are increasingly eager to see the new episodes. Let’s remember that it was only on May 28 that part 5B of the fiction was released, and a month later the team finished filming the last installment.

While Lucifer fans are waiting to receive some kind of detail or preview, Tom Ellis used social networks to share a preview of the sixth season. The actor shared an image on Instagram where he is seen leaning on a DeLorean DMC-12. “Good things are coming,” he advanced.

In this publication, the actor used the following hashtag: “Sixth season”, “behind the scenes”, “Lucifer Morningstar”. Therefore, there is no doubt that this image belongs to the sixth installment of the fiction. A photograph that does not advance much about the end of the series, but that serves to calm the anxiety of the fans.

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