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The Briton has his followers accustomed to all kinds of crazy things when it comes to music videos. The most recent has been for the song ‘Daylight’, which is part of his new music album.

The surprising thing is that on the show “The Late Late Show” with James Corden they showed how it was recorded and that was what left their fans shocked.

First, they show how they have the challenge of recording the music video in just 3 hours and with a budget of 300 dollars, something that obviously seemed completely impossible.

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Finding the location is always the most complicated and, therefore, one of the most expensive aspects, so they decided to knock door to door without any success, until they arrived at the house of some fans of the former One Direction band who, excited by see Harry, they agreed to lend their house for the recording.

Of course that video is the most talked about on social media, especially because Harry couldn’t be happier after releasing his third album with 13 songs in total where he talks about home, love, family, time and relationship with oneself. Making available to his fans a much more relaxed, intimate and stable job.

Thanks to that successful album, Harry has now managed to break a new record in his professional career and that is that he has sold more than 146,000 copies on vinyl, only taking into account the first three days of release.

In this way, it becomes the best-selling in the United States, occupying the position held by Taylor Swift, who had achieved that achievement with ‘Red’, during the same week that it premiered.

Although this has not been his only record achieved, since the most listened to song of Harry’s new era is ‘As It Was’, becoming the most played song in 24 hours on the Spotify platform, just the same day that the artist released the song.

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