The urban music scene in Colombia is celebrating an unprecedented milestone with the release of 1 Of 1, the first album created by two Colombian urban genre artists: Maluma, a global icon with multiple awards and recognitions, and Blessd, the rising reggaeton star with a unique style. This duo joins forces to create a work that reflects their greatness as artists and their deep commitment to Colombian culture—Made in Medellín for the whole world.

1 Of 1 is more than just a product; it is a faithful portrayal of the experiences and daily life in Colombian neighborhoods. Maluma and Blessd have captured in each song the reality of different social strata, capturing the essence of the streets and the stories of struggle and perseverance that characterize our society. “This work will have a very positive impact. We’ve had dreams since we were very young and seeing that they can come true is a source of pride for those who see us as role models,” the artists assure.

maluma and blessd make history with 1 of 1 the first urban album by two colombian artists unnamed 10
Maluma and Blessd Make History with 1 Of 1: The First Urban Album by Two Colombian Artists 9

A Collaborative Masterpiece

Producers and Collaborators

Producers: MadMuscik and The RudeBoyz

  • 1 Of 1
  • Call Me
  • Oe Bebé
  • Manrique
  • Sisas Nada ft Hades66
  • Goyard/GTA

This release is an invitation to dream for all those who, like Maluma and Blessd, started from the bottom and faced difficulties to achieve success. It is a clear message for new artists: “Stay motivated and don’t lose hope.”

Historic Collaboration

“Nunca antes se había hecho una producción completa a dúo entre dos artistas colombianos. Si es el primero, no se puede dos veces,” Maluma emphasized, underlining the historical importance of this project. Grateful to Blessd and his team, Juan Luis acknowledges how this album has motivated him to reconnect with his essence and show once again who he is as an artist, what made him ‘Maluma.’

“Releasing something with Maluma again is super exciting. It’s the first time two Colombian urban genre representatives come together to create something as big as this album and more to have it in the neighborhood where everything started and where we can express many things that Juancho and I share. With contributions from big names like Ronaldinho and the world’s #1 jeweler Jacob & Co., this is something very incredible and especially for me as a new star, being with these superstars is a dream come true … You know,” adds Blessd.

A Tribute to Their Roots

With the presentation of this work, the video for “Call Me,” recorded in the Antioquia neighborhood in Medellín, the artists’ hometown, is also released. In the images, Maluma and Blessd, as friends, narrate their adventures in the neighborhood’s daily life.

Moreover, 1 Of 1 pays homage to previous generations of Colombian artists, whose legacy and work have inspired Maluma and Blessd to reach where they are today. This album is the continuation of the legacy of effort and dedication and those who paved the way in the music industry.

Team Effort Behind the Success

This album showcases the support and teamwork of the companies behind each artist: Royalty Récords, Cigol Music Group, Dímelo Jara Company, Sony Music Latin, and Warner Music Latin, united to make history with a high-level production.