In 2019 she joined Shark Tank Colombia to support entrepreneurial Colombian women to whom she provides permanent support and capital. Together with Andrea Arnau, she forms the female part of the successful program on Sony Channel.

Five years ago Alejandra Torres underwent a profound transformation process that she assumed after reassessing her realities as a woman, professional, and person. She is recognized as a leader in the financial and business sector and in environmental projects in her homeland, Colombia, and beyond her borders. But inside her there were voids, there were cracks…

-“I did not feel identified with the leadership models that she practiced and the focus on the results of companies and organizations, left aside many of my qualities. It was as if I left my heart in a drawer and my feminine side at home when I went to the office.”

She studied business administration and international relations in the United States, has extensive experience in business networking, was Head of Research at ING Barings on Wall Street, and a consultant for the World Bank. In Colombia, she headed the International Affairs office of the Ministry of the Environment, negotiated the Sustainable Development Goals that include the Minamata Agreement and the Green Climate Fund and, as if all this were not enough, in mid-2019, the Sony channel announced that it would be the new investor in Shark Tank Colombia. She and Andrea Arnau are the female faces of the shark team.

Can a woman with that professional resume feel that something is wrong? Oddly enough, it was! “I think the same thing happens to many women leaders because we work projecting masculine energy-oriented towards results and impact indicators. It’s about being efficient, perfect, and competitive all the time.”

Her awakening to her authenticity was shocking, especially when she began to integrate intuition, creativity, emotions, and love into her professional practice. “I was at the peak of my career but a health crisis made me realize that I had to change things. It was a call that forced me to stop. I had a dark night of the soul. The only way out was to let go of things and I did so, I let go of my position, pains that family matters left me, and my 17-year marriage. Nine months later, through healing techniques, I found my way. It was a rebirth. I felt healthy in body, mind, and soul.”

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Muses Are Born

Connecting with her feminine energy made Alejandra Torres approach her work in a different way and she wanted to share the experience with her fellow women. Thus, in 2017, Musas was born, a community and academy for leaders, authentic and empowered women who want to transform themselves and pay the path that leads them to knowledge and balance.

“We develop programs for women around the world who want to balance their female leadership in several steps: Self-love, transformation, vital and cyclical aspects, service, holistic sexuality, creativity, creation, intuition, connection, healing, freedom, authenticity, and expressiveness.”

At the end of the 9-month process, Musas launches new and healthy women into the world who know themselves, know what they are capable of, and take on life with a different vision.

A “Shark” That Supports Women

Alejandra Torres is not a typical shark despite her professional background. The investment side that she chose circumscribes the support in the first place to regenerative and sustainable environmental companies and in the second instance to women.

“When they interviewed me to join Shark Tank I told them about Musas and they accepted me as that member who brings a different vision to the program. Support for female entrepreneurs with a mentoring and capital program.”

Alejandra Torres’ contribution comes from her own company called Musas Invest and aims to reduce the gap that exists for Colombian women entrepreneurs in terms of access to capital and opportunities: “They create companies that have a purpose that goes beyond utility and I support them,” she explains.

Alejandra, The Woman

Next to her 50th birthday in August 2021, Alejandra Torres already has her gift ready for that date, she writes the book Talking with Dragons, where she tells the world how she became the person she is today.

She is visionary and patient, creative and adventurous. She climbs mountains and travels paths that connect her with nature. She has 2 children, Esteban, 18 and Ilana, 20. She likes to be at home, sing and dance. She composes and performs songs, she has a musical band called Totem and a boyfriend she loves. Her big fault about her? Stubbornness, she isolates herself because she enjoys solitude.

Her message for the women of the world: “We have to break paradigms; we don’t have to be perfect. It is important to connect with the strength that each one has and embrace what makes us unique. Together we can be reborn and create a more compassionate and sustainable world.”

Source: The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro