Nine representatives to the US House of Representatives sent a letter addressed to Francisco Palmieri, chargé d’affaires of the US embassy in Colombia. In it, they express their concern for the security of the high official, whom they claim to have known for a decade.

“We are deeply concerned about the security of Vice President Francia Márquez. Vice President Márquez is someone many of us have worked with for over a decade before she entered government.”

The request was made days after Colombian Vice President Francia Elena Márquez Mina revealed the discovery of more than 7 kilograms of explosive material on the road leading to her family residence in the village of Yolombó, Suárez municipality, Cauca.

The congressmen, among whom are Barbara Lee, Rashida Tlaib and Mark Pocan, questioned what the US government can do to ensure the security of the vice president.

The letter also arrives at the end of Francia Márquez’s agenda in New York City. There, she participated, for the first time, in the United Nations Security Council and met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, whom she invited to implement a total peace approach and close gaps of inequality and inequity.

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