After a long rainy season and a hard day of work and study, Colombians hope that the weather will change and be warmer so they can enjoy the long-awaited mid-year vacations.
Many of the citizens miss this season, since, since the pandemic, they had not been able to live like before, for this reason,, carried out a data investigation* on the platform to find out how the travel preferences of Colombians between 2019, the period before the pandemic and 2022.

The study has analyzed the number of searches carried out by Colombian travelers on the platform in the second half of April of both years, for stays between July and August, and has revealed the destinations that have grown the most in searches in that period. It is important to add that this analysis does not reveal reservations, but only searches on the platform.

According to Luiz Cegato, Communications Manager for Latin America at, “These destinations trending among Colombians show that some of the biggest motivations for Colombians when choosing a destination are the beautiful natural landscapes and the great beaches during the summers. July school holidays. After more than two years of restrictions, this may also mean that we are close to a period of great movement for the tourism industry, which is finally showing its first signs of recovery.”

Among the trending destinations, there are places characterized by their warm climate and destinations near the sea, combined with nature.

The national destinations with the highest number of searches, not necessarily reservations, by Colombians on, for stays in July and August* are:

  1. Neiva
  2. Doradal 
  3. Monteria 
  4. Buritaca 
  5. Isla Palma 
  6. Isla Tintipan
  7. Minca 
  8. Tolu 

Thinking about its traveling community, the technological leader has a great offer and types of lodging to satisfy the needs and tastes of all travelers and that the mid-year vacations are a great adventure.

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