As the curtains draw on the fifth and final season of Yellowstone on Paramount+, another show has been making waves, gearing up to release its next batch of episodes. This series, a brainchild of the same platform, was inspired by the narrative of Hell or High Water, penned by the talented Taylor Sheridan. This narrative gave birth to an expanding universe of spin-offs, including the likes of 1883 and 1923, with more on the horizon. At the heart of Yellowstone, Kevin Costner portrayed the role of John Dutton III, a determined patriarch striving to shield his Montana ranch from adversaries, all while ensuring the safety of his kin. As this series prepares for its concluding season, another tale emerges on the streaming platform: Tulsa King.

The Rise of Tulsa King

Tulsa King stars the iconic Sylvester Stallone as Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a former New York mafia leader. After serving a 25-year sentence, Dwight steps out of federal prison, setting his sights on Tulsa, Oklahoma, eager to dive into new illicit business ventures. Throughout the inaugural season, this charismatic thief swiftly climbed the ranks in Tulsa’s chaotic underworld. However, as the season finale approached, his newfound empire faced jeopardy with his re-arrest.

A Glimpse into the Upcoming Season

While the first season of Tulsa King concluded a while ago, specifics regarding the second season remain sparse. Martin Starr, portraying Bodhi, mentioned earlier this year that the production commencement date for the next season remains undecided due to certain unresolved issues. This delay might be attributed to Terence Winter’s resignation as the showrunner for Tulsa King prior to the onset of the second season. Winter’s expertise, stemming from his creation of “Boardwalk Empire” and his contributions to “The Sopranos”, played a pivotal role in shaping Tulsa King into a gripping mafia series. However, he stepped down due to “creative differences”, as reported by Deadline, but will continue to serve as the series’ executive producer.


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The Paramount+ Phenomenon

Tulsa King’s success has been nothing short of phenomenal, managing to overshadow Yellowstone’s top position on Paramount+. Taylor Sheridan’s penchant for crafting expansive universes is evident, with two spin-offs already stemming from Yellowstone and another in the pipeline. It wouldn’t be surprising if Tulsa King follows suit with its own spin-off. The upcoming season will pick up post Dwight’s arrest, introducing a plethora of narrative possibilities. We foresee that Chickie won’t let Dwight disrespect and distance himself from the family without repercussions, hinting at a brewing conflict set to erupt in the forthcoming episodes. While the first season finale spared the lives of major characters, it’s anticipated that the core cast will return for Tulsa King’s second installment. Without a shadow of a doubt, this new series from Paramount+ has been a game-changer, eclipsing the success Yellowstone once enjoyed.

Tulsa King’s evolution

The entertainment landscape is ever-evolving, with series like Tulsa King redefining the benchmarks of success. As viewers, we eagerly await the twists and turns the next season promises, hoping for a narrative that’s as compelling as its predecessor.

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