8 Colombians in the NASA

Sara Rengifo

This mechanical engineer chooses and evaluates some materials with which robots, rovers, space suits, among others, are built.

Diana Trujillo

The Colombian engineer Diana Trujillo will be one of the flight chiefs will oversee NASA’s program to return to the Moon known as Artemis

David Ardila

He is a physicist with a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Berkeley. He is part of the team that operates NASA's sophisticated Spitzer Infrared Telescope.

Adriana Ocampo

This Doctor began her NASA journey as a volunteer at the agency's Jet Propulsion Center. She is in charge of the Juno space probe mission to Jupiter.

Brenda Isaza

She works for the Boeing contractor at the Kennedy Space Center with 3D simulations for the shuttle Atlantis.

Nicole Jordan

This young woman works at the Nasa Ames Research Center, where she participated in the design of the engines and cabin of a transport jet.

Rodolfo Llinás

He directed NASA's "Neurolab" science working group program. He is currently a professor of neuroscience at the New York University School of Medicine.

Raul Cuero

His observations of the soil on Mars led him to discover that it may be important for cleaning the earth of toxic elements, evidence that has earned him great prestige in the scientific world.

Colombian pride

Anyone can get to NASA if they are disciplined and put their minds to it. These scientists are proof of that.