Star Wars: The Acolyte has taken Disney+ by storm, rocketing to 4.8 million views in just one day and amassing 11.1 million views globally within five days of its debut. This phenomenal reception has made it the platform’s biggest series launch of 2024, capturing the imagination of fans worldwide.

Set in the era of the High Republic, Star Wars: The Acolyte follows the gripping tale of a respected Jedi Master, played by Lee Jung-jae, as he investigates a wave of shocking crimes. Alongside him is a dangerous warrior from his past, portrayed by Amandla Stenberg, adding layers of intrigue and tension to the narrative.

A Riveting Start to a New Star Wars Saga

The first episode throws viewers directly into the heart of the action with a thrilling combat scene that sets the stage for the series’ central mystery. This explosive start has undoubtedly contributed to the series’ record-breaking viewership, drawing fans into a story that promises to explore the darker corners of the Star Wars universe.

“The first episode is a rollercoaster,” says Leslye Headland, creator and executive producer of Star Wars: The Acolyte. “I was very interested in telling a story about the Sith, and setting this series in a time when the Sith are the outcasts felt like the logical choice.”

Exploring New Depths of the Star Wars Universe

Star Wars: The Acolyte delves into a period seldom explored in the Star Wars canon, the High Republic era, offering fans a fresh perspective on the galaxy far, far away. The series promises to uncover the complexities of the Jedi Order and the Sith, presenting a narrative rich with suspense and moral ambiguity.

Headland’s vision is brought to life by a talented ensemble cast including Charlie Barnett, Manny Jacinto, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Carrie-Anne Moss, ensuring that each episode is a showcase of powerful performances and compelling storytelling.

star wars the acolyte breaks records as disney s most watched series of the year star wars the acolyte
Star Wars: The Acolyte Breaks Records as Disney+'s Most Watched Series of the Year 22

Weekly Episodes Keeping Fans on the Edge

With the first two episodes already available on Disney+, new episodes of Star Wars: The Acolyte are set to release every Tuesday at 8:00 PM until July 16. This schedule keeps fans eagerly anticipating each new installment, adding to the series’ growing buzz and viewership.

Star Wars enthusiasts can also explore the entire saga, from the original trilogy to the latest series, all available on Disney+. The streaming platform continues to be the ultimate destination for everything Star Wars, providing endless hours of entertainment for fans of all ages.

The Future of Star Wars Streaming

As Star Wars: The Acolyte continues to captivate audiences, its record-breaking launch is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Star Wars franchise. By pushing the boundaries and exploring new narratives within the beloved universe, Disney+ has once again proven its ability to deliver top-tier content that resonates with both long-time fans and new viewers alike.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the galaxy far, far away, as Star Wars: The Acolyte leads the charge into an exciting new chapter of Star Wars storytelling.

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Star Wars: The Acolyte Breaks Records as Disney+'s Most Watched Series of the Year 23

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Star Wars: The Acolyte Breaks Records as Disney+'s Most Watched Series of the Year 24