For ardent followers of Chicago Fire, the return of Taylor Kinney is indeed a moment of jubilation. The uncertainty surrounding his sudden hiatus during the 11th season had left many in suspense. With no official statement regarding his return date or the reasons for his temporary exit, speculations were rife.

However, recent confirmations from The Hollywood Reporter have put these speculations to rest. They affirm that Kinney will grace the initial episodes of season 12. Further insights from Deadline suggest that he might remain a part of the show for the entire season. With Kinney’s return to the limelight, it’s intriguing to evaluate his earnings vis-à-vis his co-stars on Chicago Fire.

Taylor Kinney’s Financial Stature in 2023

Recent data from Meaww estimates Taylor Kinney’s net worth to be around $8 million. His financial journey has been marked by diverse roles, from appearances in music videos to pivotal roles in acclaimed movies like Zero Dark Thirty (2012) and The Other Woman (2014). However, his longstanding association with Chicago Fire remains his primary income source.

Unofficial sources peg Kinney’s earnings at approximately $24K for each Chicago Fire episode. However, these figures haven’t been validated by the network. Contrasting reports from NCESC suggest that post negotiations, Kinney might be earning close to $200K per episode. If these figures hold, Kinney would be among the top earners in the television industry.

Kinney’s Negotiation Power

Considering Kinney’s pivotal role since the inception of Chicago Fire, it’s plausible that he might have leveraged his position to negotiate a better pay package. Rumors also hint at a possible salary renegotiation ahead of the upcoming season.

However, with the ongoing strike involving Kinney and other Chicago Fire cast members, official statements regarding their future plans or return conditions remain elusive. Despite these uncertainties, Kinney’s return is a testament to his indispensable role in the series, and his earnings reflect his stature within the show.

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