“El Antidoto”, Mexican Institute of Sound’s latest single off-of his new album, Distrito Federal get a remix by producer and musician, El Dusty, giving a fresh new sound to its original version.

With Corpus Christi roots, El Dusty fell in love with cumbias, he gave them a treatment of 808 beats, samples and drums, plus a golden hip hop feel, all to create a sub-genre that would sound similar to a dense Latin dance, also known as cumbia crunk. 

Ya en cumbia crunk, el baile se convierte en calles cerradas por el sonidero, niños dormidos en las sillas, las sobras del pastel de la quinceañera, para en ese baile del sur (o del norte, como quiera verse) encontrar más que vivo el sudor, la cadencia y las manos entrelazadas de la cumbia.

El Antidoto’s remix by El Dusty

La Perla’s harmonic Colombian voice challenged the lyrics that gave the song another layer of flavor. In cumbia crunk the dance party turns into streets closed by the sonidero sound, children asleep in their chairs, leftovers of quinceañera cake, for in the dance of the south (or the north, however you prefer) leaving you to find the sweat of the cadence all over your hands intertwined with cumbia rhythms.  

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El Dusty leaves the remix mesmerized with the perfect southern spell for ‘el antidoto’ for never replicating what has already been invented.

The remix for “El Antidoto” is available today on all digital platforms. You can hear the original version on Mexican Institute of Sound’s new album, Distrito Federal.