If I ask you what you know about Colombia, surely the first image that appears in your head will be that of Pablo Escobar, a character who marked a before and after in the history of my country; But have you ever wondered where did the coca come from?

Join with me a journey of discovery to the capital of Guaviare, a department that due to its geographical position has been linked to different processes of colonization of peasants and settlers who, seduced by the natural abundance and its possibilities of exploitation, reached the territory and marked mostly violent periods, one of them and the best known, cocaine.

“The Door to the Amazonía”: San José Del Guaviare

“The Door to the Amazonía” as is known thanks to the geographic transformations that define this territory today stands as a must-see tourist destination for lovers of ecology, conservation, adventure and wildlife.

Tour this city while you walk along the incredible Guaviare River, try an Amazonian fruit and enjoy a traditional Llanero dance show;

This sunday March 28th at 09:00 COL – EST get ready for something really special. We’re travelling to San José del Guaviare with no passport, no plane ticket and no luggage. And yet you’ll experience all the sights, sounds and stories with just your laptop, favorite snack and a nice local guide.

Enjoy it through the platform www.virtualtrips.io or look for the link on my bio on instagram @conciergeincolombia

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About the guide

Nathaly Velasco

Nathaly is not just a promoter of her beautiful country, but has a deep personal connection which makes her want to be your personal host; As a concierge of tourist services, she takes you to live unique experiences in both known and unknown places, taking you to know each one through history, culture, anecdotes and people. At this moment she lives in a place little explored by the Colombian and the foreigner; dangerous for many but surrounded by incredible nature and full of a lot of culture and ancient traditions; crossed by one of the most important river arteries in the country, the department of Guaviare called “”The Capital of Hope”” and “”The Door to the Promised Land””. Enjoy the food, drinks, and landscapes of San José del Guaviare, on a journey of history, food, folklore, and art.”