Today marks a notable moment in the music industry as multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and producer, Moby, releases his 20th studio album – “Resound NYC”. Released under Deutsche Grammophon, this collection reimagines fifteen of his most iconic tracks, all of which were penned or recorded in New York between 1994 and 2010.

The Grand Unveiling of Resound NYC

In February, Moby first introduced the world to Resound NYC with the track “In This World”, featuring Marisha Wallace. This was followed by a succession of songs: “Walk With Me” (featuring Lady Blackbird), “Extreme Ways” (featuring Dougy Mandagi of Temper Trap), and “South Side” (featuring Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs). Today, he shares “In My Heart”, the opening track of the album, boasting a stunning vocal contribution from Gregory Porter. Other guest vocalists on the album include Margo Timmins and Amythyst Kiah.

“In My Heart”, which was originally part of Moby’s sixth studio album, 18, begins with a breathtakingly beautiful orchestral arrangement, paving the way for a gospel choir rendition that uplifts the spirit. Speaking about his collaboration with Gregory Porter, Moby has stated, “One of the best things about not being a great singer is that it forces me to work with great singers, and Gregory is simply one of the world’s greatest.”

Expressing his pleasure at working with Moby, Gregory Porter remarked, “It’s a joy to work again with Moby for ‘In My Heart’ and to be part of the rejuvenation of a classic. The message of prioritizing love and faith is universal.”

The Sequel to Moby’s Acclaimed Reprise

Resound NYC serves as the sequel to Moby’s acclaimed album, Reprise (released in May 2021), which featured guest artists like Kris Kristofferson, Mark Lanegan, Jim James, and Skylar Grey.

While many vocalists on Resound NYC are well-known names, others are less familiar. Moby discovered P.T. Banks singing in a wedding band in Texas, while the soulful singer Danielle Ponder’s elderly father joins her in the remake of “Run On”.

An Ode to Moby’s Defining Years in New York

This 20th studio album is a reflection of what could be the most defining period of Moby’s musical life: his active years in New York, his birthplace and former home. His musical journey began here, playing in punk rock bands and DJing in underground clubs around New York.

Following his active years as a DJ and touring throughout the 90s, his 1999 album, Play, was not just a commercial success, but a global phenomenon. Having already gained recognition for tracks like “Go”, “Feeling So Real”, and his version of the “James Bond Theme”, and remixes for everyone from Michael Jackson to Freddie Mercury, the extraordinary success of Play changed everything. As we entered a new millennium, Moby reshaped the direction of electronic music.

A Classical Reinterpretation

“Before I discovered punk rock, I grew up with classic rock,” Moby shared. “My first concert was Yes at Madison Square Garden in 1978. So it was super absorbing to revisit my songs and see if they withstood a more traditional, orchestral, and non-electronic approach.”

Looking back at his past while reimagining his future, the result is Resound NYC – an album filled with passionate music, a classical reinterpretation of definitive and defining songs

from an era, once again reminding us of Moby’s incredible range and relevance in the music industry. The original version of “When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die” was recently included in the finale of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things.

“An orchestra can be anything that the composer wants it to be,” Moby stated. “So rather than subjecting all the songs to the same orchestral treatment, I somewhat built a tailor-made orchestral approach for each song.”

Resound NYC: A Reflection on Evolution and Transformation

With Resound NYC, Moby reflects not only on the evolution of his own work but also on a time, a place, and even a transformation in our world:

“When we think about the 90s,” he said, “Bill Clinton was president; the rave music world was something utopian, idyllic; the Soviet Union had come to an end; climate change was just an idea for a book that Al Gore was going to write. Back then, making music was a celebration of the potential our world, our culture possessed. And now it’s almost a refuge in a sometimes terrifying and apocalyptic world.”

The Future Sounds of Moby

Moby’s enduring influence on the music world is evident with every new release. Resound NYC proves that the artist is far from done with exploring new ways to express his creativity. Whether it’s reimagining past hits with fresh sounds or crafting entirely new compositions, one thing is certain: Moby’s contribution to music continues to resonate across genres, decades, and boundaries.

As listeners, we can only look forward to what the future holds for this remarkable artist. With a musical journey as varied and profound as Moby’s, it’s clear that there’s still much to hear, learn, and appreciate from his enduring talent. Resound NYC is more than just an album; it’s a testament to the versatility and timelessness of Moby’s music.

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