It’s not every day that you learn you can make $30 in just five minutes with limited to zero work, but one TikToker has revealed a secret way to do exactly that.

The TikTok account Money.Life.Better has built a following based on their videos on how to make money online and become your own boss.

The content creator, otherwise known as Pat, recently shared that there’s a side hustle gig that makes $30 every five minutes, and it’s actually something you can do with a limited amount of work.

There’s a high demand for translators, and that’s exactly what this side hustle targets. But if you’re unsure of the amount and level of work that might go into such a job, Pat has some news for you.

He gave a full rundown of how easy it is to be successful in this role.

He said the first step is to go to the website By clicking on a specific language and then toggling the microphone button, “Google does all the work for you,” Pat said.

By combining the Google Translate tool and then going to the side hustle website, you’ll unlock a world of profits. After signing up, you can go into the translation category and you’ll see various gigs you can sign up for. “Most of the gigs are 500 words or less, and you get paid per gig,” Pat said.

Things to keep in mind: Although Google Translate is one of the top rated translation tools worldwide, it’s important to note that the service is not 100 percent accurate, and results vary by language. To have the best results in this side hustle, you should properly understand the language you are translating and use tools like Google Translate as supplemental help.

To become truly successful at this side hustle, it pays to establish your own social media presence and following so more and more people can book you as a translator. This will also open doors for you to be able to charge higher rates in the future.

Beyond just PeoplePerHour, there are local translator agencies alongside translator job sites ProZ and TranslatorsCafe. More generic freelance sites include Fiverr and Upwork.

Translating is a job with high demand: according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for interpreters and translators for 2018-2028 stood at a growth rate of 19 percent, far faster than the average job growth rate for that time period. You will likely garner even more income if you choose a niche, like medical or legal texts to translate.

One of the best parts about the translating gig is you can usually do it completely from home, in your home office or on the couch. However, keep in mind, some of the top translating jobs will require you to have different certifications. And all the income you earn from this side hustle, as well as any others, must be reported to the IRS. Otherwise, you risk facing hefty fines.

Various other side hustles: Americans all across the country are looking for side hustles to beef up their wallets as they face record high levels of inflation. Luckily, there are plenty more options even if you don’t choose to get a translating job. Some successful side hustles only require you to keep track of your previous study notes. In fact, one TikToker has been able to net $5,000 a month just selling her old class notes to a study website.

If you find yourself regularly finding items or furniture on streets left out as trash, you can turn this trash into gold by selling the items on Facebook Marketplace. One woman has taken action.

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