can i play the mega millions lottery if i dont live in the united states mega millions 2 e1659028829128

So much money not only attracts the attention of Americans, but also people from other countries. But can they play?

To answer quickly: yes, you can participate even if you are not from the United States. Now we go with the details.

The official Mega Millions website notes that foreigners can purchase tickets to participate and win, but this must occur while visiting the US.

“Visitors to the United States are always welcome to purchase tickets for our game at an American lottery store while visiting the United States; you do not need to be a resident to win,” he explains.

Likewise, Mega Millions emphasizes an important point: raffle tickets are not sold outside of the United States. So you must be careful not to fall for fraud.

“Mega Millions is not affiliated with or endorses any company that claims to sell our tickets worldwide, online or otherwise. If you decide to do business with one of those companies, you do so at your own risk; the rules of Mega Millions prohibits the purchase of tickets by agents representing players in other jurisdictions.”

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