The 51st Battalion will have one of its most critical moments starting with this episode, and we will see how accidents can affect the relationship between Kidd and Severide, who are still newlyweds. Remember that Sylvie Brett had a big incident at the beginning of season 11 in which one of the members died who was just joining the cast.

Chicago Fire season 11 episode 10 finally aired in early January and fans got to know what happened to Stella Kidd and Sam Carver after the horrific explosion in the mid-season finale.

Chicago Fire gave fans good reason to head off to Christmas with one big concern in mind: what would happen in the future with the characters of Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Sam Carver (Jake Lockett), who were trapped in a terrifying explosion during the midseason finale of the NBC drama. Fortunately, after several weeks of absence, the series aired episode 10 of its 11th season and showed what the status of both is.

The premiere episode of Chicago Fire began immediately after the explosion occurred, focusing on Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney ) as she calls Squad 3 to conduct an immediate search of the victims inside the house. Unfortunately, when they make it inside they discover that Stella Kidd has taken the brunt of the explosion, and has shrapnel embedded in her side.

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Chicago Fire: Stella Kidd and Sam Carver survive explosion 13

Sam Carver, meanwhile, appears to have escaped unscathed and is able to walk away with a little help from the crash at Chicago Fire, while Stella Kidd and Seth Pryma (Troy Winbush) are carried away. rush to the hospital, with police cars clearing the way. Inside the ambulance, Kidd is having trouble breathing, and when Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer ) asks if she wants anything for the pain, the paramedic tells her to give him everything she’s got.

Back at the hospital, members of the 51st Chicago Fire Battalion are happy to see that Carver is out of danger. And though Severide says that Stella Kidd is too, she must go into surgery so the doctors can remove the shrapnel. The next thing we see is Severide next to his wife’s bed, giving her the support and care she needs to recover from this terrible event.

Three weeks later, Kidd returns to work at Chicago Fire and insists that she is ready to take care of her responsibilities. When Carver walks in on her and sees her putting cream on her shrapnel scar, she insists it’s no big deal but he’s left thinking about what she saw and looks uncomfortable during their ensuing conversation. The truth is that he feels guilty for what has happened.

Apparently both are fine, but fans are convinced that something else will happen after this explosion since the producer of Chicago Fire, Andrea Newman, assured that this terrible incident was going to have consequences in the life of Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide, who continue to enjoy their time as newlyweds.

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