One of the most exciting season finales so far was Chicago Fire Season 10, as fans called the wedding party and romance moment between Severide and Kidd very cute. It was one hell of a Stellaride wedding lovefest, as we got to see the characters reconcile, get married, and generally enjoy the kind of affection we rarely see during tense Fire Unit cases.

That said, it wasn’t all fun and games. The episode ended with Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) facing off against an invader minutes after their honeymoon, and the slow fade to black at the end of the episode suggests they may be in grave danger.

It was quite a shock. At least, until now.

Is Severide going back to the Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire is currently filming season 11, and as with most shows, the cast and crew have started posting photos and videos on social media. Most of the photos that are revealed are in goofy situations or in scary storefronts making a scene, but a few have given us a crucial insight into the characters’ fates as we prepare for the season premiere.

A perfect example of the latter is the recent photo that Taylor Kinney, who was seen with a fan. The photo was posted on the One Chicago Updates Twitter account, and while nothing in the photo seems remarkable at first, closer inspection reveals that Kinney is wearing her character’s wedding ring.

She can see in her hand that she is giving the thumbs up. This photo confirms that Severide made it out of the season 10 cliffhanger finale in one piece, which is a huge relief given that she had been the victim of a beating earlier in season 10.

The cliffhanger confirmation comes right after a video confirming Stella’s fate. An IG post showing actress Miranda Rae Mayo wearing her character’s wedding ring eased fan concerns.

While plot details for season 11 are unclear, Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas has confirmed that we’ll see more of Severide investigating arson crimes. The character has shown a talent for spotting problems and can solve even bigger things, so we can’t wait to see what other cases she’ll be able to solve.


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