Sometimes the spark and chemistry of a television series couple transcends into real life, so much so that their followers take time to differentiate reality from fiction, as is the case with Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey from Chicago Fire, played by Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer, whose friendship is also something to talk about.

Chicago Fire was created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, is an NBC action drama television series that features Dick Wolf as an executive producer. It premiered on October 10, 2012, and follows the lives of firefighters and paramedics. who work at Chicago Fire Department Station 51, consisting of Truck 81, Rescue Team 3, Pumper 51, and Ambulance 61.

Among these experiences we were able to observe over several seasons the couple that was made up of the characters Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey, played by actress Kara Killmer and her colleague Jesse Spencer. Matthew, played by Jesse Spencer is a fire captain for the Portland Fire Department. He was previously a captain in the Chicago Fire Department and officer in charge of Truck 81 at Firehouse 51.

For her part, Sylvie, played by Kara Killmer, quickly became an audience favorite portraying one of the drama’s kindest and most empathetic characters, a brave paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61, who made her screen debut during season 3 as replacement for Leslie Shay.

chicago fire jesse spencer and kara killmers relationship status behind the scenes chicago fire s8 casey brett
Chicago Fire: Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer's relationship status behind the scenes 21

The characters Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey developed a love relationship throughout several chapters, physically separating at a certain point, since the plot argues that they continued to maintain their relationship at a distance. The performance of both stars heated the screens and they were called by the fans as “Brettsey”, these same fans have repeatedly wondered the level of connection between Spencer and Killmer in real life.

Although Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer are no longer co-workers in “Chicago Fire” and their relationship as Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett is unstable, the union between the two actors is strong, although only as friends. In fact, both Killmer and Spencer have their own off-screen relationships, as Spencer is married to Kali Woodruff Carr and Killmer is married to fellow actor Andrew Cheney.

Since Spencer’s character is only moving to Oregon, and not being killed off, there is a chance he could go back to the firehouse and get back to Brett, but not anytime soon. What gives hope to the followers of the series to see them again on screen, unleashing that magnificent chemistry they possess.

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