Chicago Fire ended season 10 on NBC with a cliffhanger that left fans intrigued and worried about Kelly Severide, who was headed to enjoy her honeymoon after the wedding. But, a turn in the last minutes suggested that things could take another path.

Chicago Fire is without a doubt the best firefighter drama on television right now. In Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina the series is seen through Universal TV. The NBC series follows a group of heroes who work in the 51st Battalion in the Windy City and do everything they can to save the lives of others while putting their own at risk. The show will be back for its 11th season from August to September and many are wondering what the fate of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) will be after the most recent events. (Spoilers for the season 10 finale)

The successful program that is part of the famous franchise created by Dick Wolf, One Chicago, is characterized not only by its interesting stories full of drama, romance and moments of great danger, but also by the excellent acting work of each of the members. of the cast. The characters of Chicago Fire, since the series premiered in 2012, have become the favorites of the fans, who remain hooked on their screens every week.

In Chicago Fire, Kelly Severide is one of the key characters in the series’ history. In Season 10, fans saw him trying to sort out the love life she shares with Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), who left him alone for much of the first half of the just-concluded installment. Fortunately, they resolved their differences and decided to take the next step to another level in their relationship, marriage.

Kelly Severide just got married in Chicago Fire, but at the end of the last episode of season 10 the plot launched a possible sign that she will not enjoy her honeymoon as she has planned. He and Stella Kidd were on their way to the cabin after the magnificent wedding, however, they noticed that someone was following them. The storyline culminated at this point, leaving fans of the NBC firefighter drama intrigued.

will kelly severide have a happy life in chicago fire stella kidd and kelly severides timeline
Will Kelly Severide have a happy life in Chicago Fire? 21

Recall that in the series, a threat stalks Kelly’s life after she took steps to take down a drug ring, not initially realizing what the whole thing was about. He just knew something was wrong with the food truck fire. It is likely that he is being persecuted by members of that criminal organization, which puts his life in danger.

When Chicago Fire season 11 premieres in fall 2022, fans could be seeing Kelly Severide dealing with the people who are following him in the van that pulled up to the cabin on their wedding night. Taylor Kinney and Stella Kidd’s character will likely have to fight for their lives, however, there is also hope that they will contact the Chicago P.D. intelligence unit team. Kelly Severide is expected to make it out alive and finish enjoying her honeymoon and then return to the 51st Battalion to continue bringing action to viewers’ screens.

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