Ink Master season 14 is in full swing, streaming on Paramount+, with some of the most talented artists from recent seasons making a comeback to try and get their shot at being Ink Master once again.

The contestants this season are some of the most likable and strategic artists to ever be on the show, giving fans plenty of drama to enjoy and great artwork. The show features a brand-new set of judges and a host who fans know from their strong social media presence and experience that has made them a household name and titans of the tattoo industry.

Bob Jones

Bob Jones became popular on Ink Master for his biomechanical tattoo style, but never got to prove his talent in the finale since the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the filming of the finale. Now, back on the show to fight for another spot at the top, Jones has been sharing the tattoos he did on the show so far on his social media.

Jones primarily uses his Instagram (@badcaseofpurpose) to show off his work but recently started a TikTok (@bobbyblowout) with videos of his finished work, as well as his Twitter account under the same name.

Angel Rose

Angel Rose is one of the best black and gray artists to come out of Ink Master and possibly one of the best at utilizing her social media to build her client base.

Her Instagram (@theangelrose) and TikTok (@theangelrose) do the most of the talking when it comes to showcasing her tattoo skills and letting her clients and fans know when they can book with her. She is one of the few contestants to jump onto Cameo and provide fans with a chance to get a special message from her.

Katie McGowan

Katie McGowan competed on some of the lowest ranked seasons of Ink Master, but that hasn’t stopped her from building a decent following, with fans falling in love with her bright and quirky fashion and equally bright tattoo style that she shows off on her Instagram (@katietattoos).

McGowan has a Twitter account but only uses it to repost things she posts on her Instagram. She doesn’t have a TikTok account yet, but her Instagram has plenty of reels for fans and potential clients to watch.

Hollie Marie

Hollie Marie’s only active social media account is her Instagram (@holliemarieart), where she shows fans her work and also where she will be for upcoming tattoo conventions if they want to book with her.

Like many of her fellow contestants, her page is dedicated to her work and doesn’t show much of her personal life. Her wild style of tattoos sets her apart in the tattoo world and is sought after by people who are looking for something unique.

Pon DeMan

Even though a lot of reality TV shows are fake, the personalities on Ink Master are very real, and Pon DeMan has become a fan favorite because of this. DeMan shows off his signature Hawaiian bright tattoo style on his Instagram (@ponnyc).

He uses Instagram to connect with fans but doesn’t use social media for anything else besides his work and promoting himself. Even though he’s one of the biggest personalities of the season, his social media presence is one of the smallest.

Gian Karle

Gian Karle impressed former Miami Ink (a show with many behind-the-scenes secrets) tattoo artists, Oliver and Chris, but is looking to take home the title this season. Karle shows off his work on several social media platforms, his most used being his Instagram (@giankarle) and Facebook (Gian Karle Tattoo) accounts. Even though his socials are full of tattoos, Karle also gives followers a peak into his personal life, which has gained him a large fan base going into the next season of Ink Master.

Creepy Jason

Creepy Jason is another artist who uses Facebook (Creepy Jason Tattoos) to promote himself, even though he only has a few thousand followers on the site. ​​​​​​​

He uses his Instagram (@creepy_jason) to not only promote his work but when his fellow cast members will be tattooing out of his shop, which isn’t something that is common practice among his cast mates from either of the seasons he was on. He also posts snaps of his friends and memes he makes about tattooing making his page more than just a tool for promotion.

Hiram Casas

Hiram Casas is one of the few cast members to post on their Twitter page (@hiramksas), where he shares posts about overcoming challenges and being an individual, which may speak on how he will play the strategy game of Ink Master.

Casas doesn’t use TikTok, which seems to be the norm for the Ink Master season 14 cast, but posts tons of reels on his Instagram (@hiramksas). His pages are fully dedicated to his growth as an artist and showcasing how much he has learned since season 13.

Deanna James

Deanna James only uses Instagram (@deanna_art) to show off her work, but she also uses her page to expose parts of the show that were cut out and changed the context of certain eliminations.

Other reality shows like Ink Master have been called out for this in the past, and it seems that Ink Master has also fallen victim to this kind of editing. James shares a lot of art and love on her page, highlighting her engagement and photos of her that showcase the tattoos she has, not just the ones she applies.

Chris Shockley

Chris Shockley is another contestant who only has Instagram as an official social media platform. It’s (@chrisshockleytatooer2) a mix of a personal post showcasing his style and fashion choices, as well as his tattoo style.

Chris travels a lot for tattoo conventions and guest spots, which he chronicles in his highlights, a feature that not many artists use to show where they have been or done guest spots.

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