Criminal Minds: Evolution will premiere next month on Paramount+. And as the debut of the original drama reboot looms, fans continue to get some sneak peeks. One of the main characters will be in crisis when the first two episodes hit the screen.

Criminal Minds was one of the most popular crime dramas on television. The series first aired in 2005 on CBS and ran for 15 installments, delighting viewers with each season after season. The show came to an end in February 2020 and now the stories will be resurfacing with Criminal Minds: Evolution on Paramount+.

Starting November 24, the Paramount+ platform will begin streaming Criminal Minds: Evolution with a two-episode premiere that same night. It will then continue weekly on Thursdays with a story from start to finish. Fans should be clear that the reboot will not be like the original Criminal Minds drama that focused more on cases of the week.

Over the years, fans have seen how Criminal Minds generally focused its stories on characters who posed a threat, such as serial killers or whatever criminal the plot focused on. Now, things will be different when the reboot of the series premieres on Paramount+.

While in Criminal Minds the unknown are very much a part of the series’ storylines, the drama’s writers always looked for a way to make the BAU agents the real reason fans would watch the CBS series and to identify with their difficult jobs. Premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution will focus on a story by David Rossi


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Now, with Criminal Minds: Evolution, the members of the analysis unit will be more prominent, since each episode will dedicate a good part to focus on them. And with the premiere, fans will get the chance to see the drama delve into the emotional breakdown of Joe Mategna’s character, Agent David Rossi, who appears in the first recently released promotional photos.

During the debut of Criminal Minds: Evolution, David Rossi will be experiencing pain. In a recent interview with TV Insider, the showrunner of the new Paramount+ crime drama, Erica Messe, explained that Joe Mantegna’s character will be going through a difficult emotional crisis, for which he will have to seek enormous support from his colleagues at the BAU.

“When someone like that, the core of the team, is not in a good way, there is a ripple effect in every relationship he has. We wanted to honor this journey of pain that a lot of people have been through, certainly since we last saw them, and we put that burden on Rossi’s shoulders, and Joe further delivers an emotional rollercoaster ride with Rossi.”

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