The Walking Dead has long kept fans intrigued. The origin of the zombie virus that caused the whole mess remains one of the main mysteries of the AMC drama. Although this has not been revealed so far, the creator of the universe, Robert Kirkman, explained the reason.

The Walking Dead, the zombie drama that premiered on the AMC broadcast network in 2010, will be back on fans’ screens on the 2nd of October 2022 with the premiere of season 11C containing the last eight episodes of the successful series inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comic book saga.

When The Walking Dead first appeared, fans saw Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) convalescing in a hospital bed. At the moment of waking up from the coma, everything around had changed for the character. He found himself in a post-apocalyptic world where the dead had become walkers epidemically for some reason.

The successful AMC series may return with the last part to close its plot arc, but fans should forget that The Walking Dead will reveal the reason that caused the zombie virus. It is known that this is one of the key mysteries of the drama that began more than a decade ago, but Robert Kirkman is not willing to show the truth, although it seems that he does not know what the cause is either.  

It’s been a while since The Walking Dead comic book saga ended, but Kirkman’s work also didn’t reveal answers related to the cause of the virus. As AMC’s live-action universe explores possible cures and causes of the outbreak, a post-credits scene ending with The Walking Dead: World Beyond suggested an artificial origin for the zombie virus, but, Kirkman says the issue will remain unresolved in the comics.

Although nothing was ever revealed in Kirkman’s work on the matter, ahead of The Walking Dead’s end with season 11, the creator of this fascinating universe recently stated that he has not changed his position on the origins of the outbreak that led the dead to become walkers and devour the living.

“I was never really interested in treating the cause of the zombie outbreak,” Kirkman writes in The Walking Dead Deluxe #41. “My opinion has been well documented, but the short version is that… any detailed explanation would push things too far into the realm of science fiction for me. I think it’s best left unresolved. That way the story goes on.” having foundation”.

“That said… Tons of fans wanted me to explore it, and I wasn’t above indulging them from time to time in ways I found interesting” , Kirkman continued.

At the Comic-Con in San Diego, United States, held in 2017, Robert Kirkman said that The Walking Dead is a story that is not about scientists, since that is not the central theme of the story. narrative. Had it been this way, the AMC television adaptation would have become a boring show, the creator said.

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