Chicago Fire is a popular American drama television series that has been captivating audiences for many years. Fans were recently disappointed to learn that Taylor Kinney, one of the main characters, will be leaving the show in 2023. The question on everyone’s mind is why is this talented actor leaving the show and what does it mean for the future of the series.

The Career of Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney is a talented actor who has been a part of the entertainment industry for many years. He first rose to fame for his role as Mason Lockwood in the popular television series, The Vampire Diaries. He then went on to play the role of Kelly Severide in the hit series, Chicago Fire. Throughout his career, Kinney has received critical acclaim for his performances and has become a fan favorite.

Severide & Kidd are the most beloved couple of the show
Severide & Kidd are the most beloved couple of the show

Reasons Behind Taylor Kinney’s Departure

There are several reasons why Taylor Kinney has decided to leave Chicago Fire. Some sources indicate that he is looking to pursue other career opportunities and expand his horizons in the entertainment industry. Others suggest that he may be seeking a change of pace after spending so much time in one role. Whatever the reason, Kinney’s departure will undoubtedly leave a huge void in the series and in the hearts of fans.

The Future of Chicago Fire

The future of Chicago Fire is uncertain with the departure of Taylor Kinney. However, the show has a strong ensemble cast and a dedicated fan base, so it is likely to continue for many seasons to come. Producers of the show have not yet revealed how Kinney’s character will be written out of the series, but fans can expect an emotional farewell for this beloved character.


Taylor Kinney’s departure from Chicago Fire is a significant event for fans of the show. While it is sad to see him go, it is important to remember that actors often need to make changes in their careers in order to grow and evolve. The future of Chicago Fire may be uncertain, but fans can rest assured that the show will continue to provide the same high-quality drama and entertainment that they have come to expect.

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