Chicago Fire, the popular NBC drama, has always kept its audience on the edge of their seats with its intense plot twists and character developments. One such development that has recently caught the attention of fans worldwide is the anticipated marriage proposal of Matthew Casey to Sylvie Brett.

The Unseen Footage That Went Viral

Kara Killmer, the star of Chicago Fire, recently shared unseen footage on her social media platforms, which quickly went viral among the show’s fans. The footage revealed the behind-the-scenes moments of the marriage proposal scene between Matthew Casey, played by Jesse Spencer, and Sylvie Brett, portrayed by Killmer herself.

The Season 11 Finale: A Cliffhanger

The season 11 finale of Chicago Fire, aired in May, left fans in suspense with the absence of Taylor Kinney’s character, Kelly Severide. The episode also put one of the show’s most beloved characters, Mouch, played by Christian Stolte, in grave danger as he fell victim to a sniper’s bullet.

However, the scene that left the most significant impact was Matthew Casey’s proposal to Sylvie Brett. The intense romance between the two characters had ended earlier in the season due to Brett’s decision. The finale concluded without revealing Brett’s response to the proposal, leaving fans eagerly waiting for the premiere of season 12.

The Behind-the-Scenes Reveal

Killmer’s shared footage provided an exclusive look at her and Spencer rehearsing the proposal scene. While the rehearsal did not provide a concrete answer to Casey’s question, a reaction to a crew member’s joke might hint at the truth to the fans.

The video shows Killmer opening the door to find Spencer’s character proposing. At the crucial moment of the proposal, a crew member jokingly says, “Say no.” Both actors burst into laughter at this comment.

The Fan Theory: A Positive Response?

If the script indeed had a “no” for an answer, it’s hard to imagine Killmer and Spencer laughing, let alone a crew member joking about it. Chicago Fire has always hinted at a happy ending for Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey. The idea of them overcoming a rejected proposal seems far-fetched.

Therefore, fans believe that Brett will accept the proposal and move in with Casey, provided Jesse Spencer decides to return to the show, a detail that remains unknown.

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