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Jason Beghe, a prominent American actor, has been celebrated for his roles in popular TV series such as Chicago P.D., Hill Street Blues, and The Practice. While his on-screen performances have garnered acclaim, his personal life has seen its share of turmoil, which has, in turn, affected his professional journey.

The Success of Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D., an NBC production, owes much of its success to its compelling characters and the stellar performances of its cast. Among the ensemble, one actor stands out, not just for his acting prowess but also for the depth he brings to his character. Jason Beghe, who portrays Sergeant Hank Voight, has become a fan favorite. His character, known for his defiant attitude, disregard for the rules, and distinctive voice, has left an indelible mark on the audience. However, behind the scenes, Beghe faced challenges that left him isolated from friends and family.

Personal Struggles Off-Screen

In 2017, media outlets reported that Beghe underwent a tumultuous separation from his wife of nearly two decades. The separation was not just emotionally taxing but also led to a protracted legal battle over the custody of their children. This battle stretched on for three years after Beghe filed for divorce.

The loss of his family might have exacerbated an existing anger management issue that Beghe was grappling with, possibly even before his separation from his wife, Angie Janu. This anger issue led to significant conflicts with his co-stars and put his position on Chicago P.D. at risk.

Sophia Bush and Jason Beghe in Chicago P.D first season
Sophia Bush and Jason Beghe in Chicago P.D first season

The Aftermath of the Separation

Post his separation from Angie Janu, there were evident repercussions on the set of Chicago P.D. While specific details of incidents remain undisclosed, it’s known that Beghe’s outbursts had severe consequences for the show. One significant fallout was the departure of Sophia Bush, who played Erin Lindsay on the show. On-screen, her character shared a deep bond with Beghe’s Hank Voight, almost like a father-daughter relationship. However, off-screen, Bush grew weary of Beghe’s behavior, which was further intensified by his personal issues.

Rumors suggest that the divorce left Beghe in a state of profound sadness and anger. This sentiment is further echoed in the couple’s separation agreement, which mandated both parties to refrain from speaking ill of each other in front of their children, indicating the divorce proceedings were far from amicable.

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The real reason why Jason Beghe's private life complicated Chicago PD 22

While Jason Beghe’s portrayal of Sergeant Hank Voight has won him many admirers, his personal struggles serve as a reminder that success on screen doesn’t always translate to peace off it. The challenges he faced not only impacted his personal life but also had ripple effects on his professional relationships and the dynamics of Chicago P.D.

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