In the intricate web of characters in the renowned series “Chicago P.D.”, one character, Greg “Mouse” Gerwirtz, gradually carved a niche for himself with each appearance. However, to the astonishment of many fans, he was written out of the storyline. Here, we delve into the reasons behind this unexpected exit.

The Rise of Greg “Mouse” Gerwirtz

Greg “Mouse” Gerwirtz, portrayed by the talented Samuel Hunt, first graced the screen in the season 1 finale, serving as Jay’s informant on a case. While this season only gave a glimpse of his military background and his long-standing relationship with Jay Halstead, it was evident that their bond ran deep. His brief stint in season 1 was followed by a more prominent role in the sixteenth episode of season 2, solidifying his position in the overarching narrative.

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Chicago P.D.: The Intriguing Departure of a Key Character 21

Mouse’s Role in the Intelligence Unit

Despite Sergeant Voight’s initial reservations about bringing Mouse into the CPD Intelligence Unit, Jay’s persuasion led to Mouse’s recruitment as a surveillance and civil technology expert. This episode not only showcased Jay’s unwavering support for Mouse but also delved into Mouse’s past, revealing his medical discharge from the army. The series maintained an air of mystery around Mouse’s military experiences, hinting at a convoy accident that possibly involved Jay. This backstory later shed light on Jay’s reluctance to let Mouse leave the Chicago Police Department.

Mouse’s Desire to Return to the Army

Season 3 of “Chicago P.D.” primarily focused on Mouse’s new assignments as the Intelligence Unit’s surveillance and tech expert. However, season 4 brought to the fore more details about his past. In an emotional revelation, Mouse expressed his desire to rejoin the Rangers. Given the severe impact of war on his mental health, Jay vehemently opposed this decision. As the season progressed, Mouse’s determination to return to the army only intensified, leading to heated confrontations with Jay. Despite Jay’s pleas, Mouse remained resolute in his decision to rejoin the Rangers, culminating in his departure from “Chicago P.D.”

The Divergent Paths of Jay and Mouse

While the series doesn’t delve deep into Mouse’s decision to revert to his former job, a clash between Jay and Mouse unveils their contrasting perceptions of their military past. Jay has moved on and comfortably settled into his role in the Intelligence Unit. In contrast, Mouse likely associates his purpose and identity with the army, prompting his decision to re-enlist as a Ranger.

Life After “Chicago P.D.” for Samuel Hunt

Post his exit from “Chicago P.D.”, Samuel Hunt ventured into other projects. He joined the musical drama ‘Empire’, albeit for a short four-episode stint. He then portrayed Louis Zamperini, a former Olympic athlete and World War II bomber, in the 2018 film ‘Unbroken: Path to Redemption’. In 2019, Hunt graced the screens in “NCIS: New Orleans” as Bryce Prescott and later as Adam in “American Horror Story: Double Feature”, the tenth season of the acclaimed series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

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Chicago P.D.: The Intriguing Departure of a Key Character 22

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