Anticipation was high for the return of “The Rookie” season 6, especially after ABC’s announcement earlier this year. Fans of the Nathan Fillion-led drama eagerly awaited its inclusion in ABC’s fall lineup, a tradition since the series first aired in 2018. However, unforeseen challenges have led to a change in plans.

A Change in Production Schedule

The initial intention was for “The Rookie” season 6 to grace our screens in the fall of 2023. But, due to unforeseen circumstances involving writers’ and actors’ strikes, the production schedule faced significant delays. This setback meant that the series couldn’t be part of the anticipated fall lineup.

ABC, adapting to the situation, shifted its focus for the fall schedule towards reality TV. This strategic move resulted in the postponement of their entire scripted lineup, including “The Rookie”, now slated for 2024.

When Can We Expect The Rookie’s Return?

The earliest possible return for “The Rookie” season 6 on ABC might be in February 2024. This timeline is contingent on the series resuming production by this fall. If things kick off in early September, fans might be in for a treat with a premiere in early to mid-February. However, if the strikes extend into October, a March debut for season 6 seems more plausible.

Historically, networks like ABC have launched their midseason lineups either in late February or early March. Given the current scenario, a spring return for “The Rookie” seems more likely. Clarity on the show’s return timeline will emerge once the strikes conclude and new agreements are in place between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, and the studios.

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