The world of television is always evolving, and with it, the stories and characters that have captivated audiences for years. One such show that has consistently held viewers’ attention is “Criminal Minds.” The recent developments in its spin-off, “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” have reignited the excitement and anticipation among fans.

Shemar Moore’s Anticipated Comeback

The possibility of seeing our beloved actors reprising their iconic roles is always a treat for the fans. This is why the potential return of Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan in the second season of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” has created a buzz. Derek Morgan, a pivotal character in the series, had left during the 11th season, leaving fans yearning for more. His journey from a cheerful agent in the early seasons to a more hardened character, overcoming a traumatic childhood and facing intense challenges in the 11th season, has been nothing short of captivating. While Moore’s decision to leave the show after eleven seasons was personal, his brief returns in subsequent episodes kept the hope alive for many.

Currently, Moore is leading the series SWAT, portraying Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. With the renewal of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” for another season, fans are eager to know if Moore will make a comeback. However, due to scheduling conflicts, it remains uncertain.

Actual cast of Criminal Minds: Evolutions
Actual cast of Criminal Minds: Evolutions

Theories Surrounding Spencer Reid’s Return

The absence of SSA Spencer Reid, portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler, in the first season of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” has led to numerous speculations. Fans are keenly awaiting any announcement regarding his return in the upcoming season. Several theories have emerged:

Reid’s Reassignment to BAU

In the first season, BAU Chief Emily Prentiss interacts with a new superior, Deputy Director Bailey, who isn’t particularly fond of her or the BAU. Their conversations hint at the reassignment of both Simmons and Spencer Reid. This vagueness around their whereabouts leaves room for their potential return in future episodes.

Reid as a Suspect

An intriguing theory suggests that Reid’s traumatic past and implicit mental state might make him a potential suspect in a case. This would be a dramatic twist, with his former team trying to uncover his identity.

Reid’s Tragic End

Another theory, albeit a darker one, speculates that Reid might become a victim in the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds: Evolution.” This would not only make the BAU’s next case deeply personal but might also signify the end of Gubler’s character.

Reid as a Consultant

Given Reid’s unparalleled knowledge and integral role in BAU since the inception of “Criminal Minds,” his absence was palpable in “Evolution.” One way to reintroduce him without making him a regular is by bringing him on as a consultant.

Will worth the wait?

The return of iconic characters always adds a layer of depth and nostalgia to a series. As “Criminal Minds: Evolution” progresses, fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite characters and the new twists their stories might take.

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