The curtains closed on the tenth season of Chicago PD, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Kevin Atwater, portrayed by the talented LaRoyce Hawkins, found himself at the center of pivotal moments. He courageously confronted the antagonist the Intelligence Unit had been chasing for multiple episodes. This confrontation led to a heart-stopping scene with the villain’s nephew, the very individual responsible for Ruzek’s grievous injury.

Atwater’s dedication and prowess as an officer have never been in question. However, with the abrupt exit of Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer, and the looming uncertainty surrounding Ruzek’s fate, portrayed by Patrick John Flueger, questions arise. Will Atwater grace our screens in the upcoming season?

Atwater’s Role in the Upcoming Season

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Atwater remains a central figure in the forthcoming season. LaRoyce Hawkins has expressed his continued commitment to the series. He also shed light on the current state of the show, especially considering the ongoing strike involving writers and actors. During a notable presentation, Hawkins shared insights about the delay in the eleventh season. He conveyed optimism, suggesting a potential resolution in the coming months.

Intriguingly, in a conversation with Cinemablend, Benjamin Levy Aguilar hinted at increased interactions between Hawkins and his role, the fresh face Dante Torres, in the next season. Aguilar enthusiastically shared, “The dynamic between Torres and Atwater is electric. The camaraderie, termed ‘OceanWater’ by LaRoyce, promises captivating sequences. Their synergy is undeniable.”

Given Halstead’s departure, who previously mentored Torres, Atwater seems poised to step into this guiding role. Their shared approach and evident rapport hint at compelling storylines. We eagerly anticipate the duo’s adventures when Chicago PD graces our screens again in 2024.

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