Since the Chicago Fire series began, viewers have seen how the characters often go to Molly’s bar to eat and repeatedly drink something. As an important part of the plot to build relationships, the cast members have their favorite drink selected for that moment.

When filming for the television series Chicago Fire began in the Windy City, the historic Lottie’s Pub was used as the filming location. Lottie’s has been in the Bucktown area since 1934 and quickly became a go-to for the Firehouse 51 fire crew. Although it’s had multiple owners over the years, a must-have at the fictional location is beer, which is why the characters on the show go. However, the issue of alcohol in filming locations is a bit delicate, the producers use other things.

Molly’s Bar has been owned by various characters over the years, including Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg). Since then, the producers have built a near-exact replica of the bar in town, complete with strings of lights across most of the ceiling and the cozy pub atmosphere Lottie’s is known for.

Actress Kara Killmer, who plays paramedic Sylvie Brett, revealed to viewers what it was like to film the scenes at Molly’s bar during a backstage tour of the film set. The pub is named after the mother of Chicago Fire co-creator Derek Haas, Killmer explains in the video. And while the bar tries to be similar to Lottie’s Bar, Killmer said the movie version is also larger than usual, so there may be multiple cameramen in the bar with the actors.

According to Kara Killmer, it would be ugly to see the Chicago Fire actors drinking real beer on set, so she assured that none of Molly’s alcoholic beverages on set are real. All liquor bottles are filled with water, tea, or diluted Coke. On the other hand, the names of the beers were invented by the cast and crew, and the labels were designed by the props department.

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What the actors of Chicago Fire really drink when filming scenes in Molly's bar? 17

What the actors of Chicago Fire take in the scenes that are recorded in a bar

However, when it comes to frothing a drink, like a beer or a specialty cocktail, the actress explains that the team uses chickpea foam instead of anything that contains alcohol or egg whites. “You wouldn’t want to drink that in a cocktail, I don’t think,” she says. Although chickpea mousse has become a popular substitute for egg white among vegans and other health foodists. The liquid from the cooked chickpeas is called “aquafaba”. The alcohol may be a clever fake, but the atmosphere is as true to the show as can be.

Interestingly, aquafaba can be made with any legume, but according to Nutrition Refined, chickpeas are known to make the best mousse. The water left over from cooking the beans, or the liquid from canned beans, turns into a white foam when shaken. It can be used instead of egg white for meringues and mousses. Or apparently as a legit base for sea bass.

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