Guinness World Records, the world’s authority on records, announced today that Bobi from Portugal is officially the world’s longest-living dog and the longest-lived dog in history with 30 years and 266 days as of February 1, 2023.

Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo, was born on the farm of his family in the village of Conqueiros, Portugal, on May 11, 1992. Leonel, Bobi’s owner, was 8 years old when Bobi was born and describes him as “unique”.

Leonel has fond memories of Bobi over the years. His favorites include playing and walking together to school.

In 1992, Bobi was registered with the Serviço Medico-Veterinário do Município de Leiria, which has confirmed Bobi’s birth date. Bobi’s age has also been verified by the SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government and managed by the SNMV (Sindicato Nacional dos Médicos Veterinários).

Bobi is a very calm and sociable dog. He loves to be petted and plays with his four cat siblings. He also gets along well with other dogs he knows because he has lived with many animals throughout his life.

Bobi is a very calm and sociable dog who loves pets and enjoys playing with his four feline siblings. His day revolves around walks, meals, and sleep, but his favorite activity is walking through the fields and pines. He can also be found resting by the fireplace on particularly cold days.

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Bobi loves to eat. He usually eats the same food as his owners, but they are careful to make sure it is unseasoned and suitable for dogs before giving it to Bobi. Bobi sleeps well at night and enjoys a good rest after eating.

He had a health problem in 2018, but recovered and now leads a normal life, despite some difficulties with vision and walking that arise with age.

His family believes that the secret to his longevity is that he has always lived in the countryside in a calm and peaceful environment, surrounded by nature.

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Leonel said: “Bobi has been a warrior throughout all these years, only he knows how he has been holding up, it can’t be easy because the average lifespan of a dog is not that high and if he could only talk, he could explain this success. We are very happy and grateful to life for allowing us, after 30 years, to have Bobi in our daily lives.”

Leonel shares that seeing Bobi’s long life recognized by becoming a Guinness World Records™ record holder “is an immense joy”.

The previous holder of the record title for the world’s longest-living dog was Spike, who lived to be 29 years old.

Bobi’s achievement is a testament to the love and care he has received from his family over the years and serves as a reminder of the importance of providing our furry friends with a happy and healthy environment.

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