Renowned singer-songwriter, Julieta Venegas presents her new studio album in seven years, “Tu Historia”. The album was released simultaneously worldwide today and composed during the pandemic and produced by Chilean singer-songwriter, Alex Anwandter.

Venegas has already previewed five songs from the album before its release today including: “Mismo Amor”,” Caminar Sola”, “En Tu Orilla”, “Te Encontré” and “La Nostalgia,” which have all received with high praise and positioned as featured songs and covers on all the main playlists on digital platforms, and also formed part of her sets during her tour in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, selling out venues and performing at the most prestigious festivals including Vive Latino.

The release of the highly-awaited album is accompanied by the titled track “Tu Historia” with music and lyrics composed by Julieta. With this song Julieta’s characteristic demonstrates warmth and sensitivity to friendship and love and reconciliation with her past. It was produced by Alex Anwandter and recorded at Outlier Music in New York.

Julieta Venegas spokes about “Tu Historia”

“When I started writing the songs for this album, I was just looking for a corner to unwind for a few hours a day. We were just at the beginning of the pandemic, and at that moment music became the highlight of my days, playing the piano for several hours, and slowly picking up some writing that I had been paused for a while. After several weeks of sitting down and starting to record demos, I felt that something was forming, that I wanted to shape it and produce it into an album. I had done the project for “La Enamorada”, a theatrical monologue that we released in 2019. But it had been a while since my energy had been more about doing shows, and I thought about asking friends for their opinion, to see if I had enough material to put something together.”. 

I met with Alex Anwandter, who has been a friend of mine for years, and while speaking to him, we agreed that we wanted to work together. 

I think Alex as a producer concentrates on everything with which I identify. Hard work on songwriting is basically the core of any album. But he also seems like someone with who I was able to get to a different place to when working on these songs. Under Alex’s direction, I feel that the songs grew a lot. As a producer he is very serious, someone with who I have the confidence to try different sounds, experiment with rhythms and search for the ideal sound that would encompass the album. We started to listen to music, think of ideal situations to record, and who would be ideal to mix it. This is how we started putting together our wonderful team. We recorded between New York and Buenos Aires, with string arrangements by Alex, Pedro Onetto, and Marcos Meza. We wanted to maintain simplicity on the album, playing with very acoustic sounds like nylon, and accordion strings, and also with the synthesizers since there are a lot of danceable moments.

It’s an album where I learned the aspects of working independently, as well as the production aspect. I really liked working on that part of the process, while maintaining myself on the side of composer, instrumentalist, and singer. 

I chose the title of ‘Tu Historia’ because for me we must recognize our past as a part of our own, I believe that when you make your past part of your learning it helps you grow. I was always a fighter of the past, but now I am more with the idea that the past has taught me and built me, so I am who I am with everything, not only my successes but also my mistakes.” – Julieta Venegas

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