Translated into spanish you may say “Es así” or “It’s Like That”, “C’est Comme Ça”, the new from Paramore, comes as the first track from their next album titled ‘This Is Why’ and definitely if you missed the original sound of the band, you have to listen to it.

As reported by CoS, the sonic exploration that Hayley and company have carried out for the past three years, that different concerts have accumulated together with two solo albums by Williams entitled ‘Petals for Armor’ and ‘Flowers for Vases / Descansos’, has been more introspective. toward the core of Paramore than anything else.

Therefore, it is normal that now that a new album under the production of Carlos de la Garza is on the way, Hayley, Zac and Taylor have decided to return to the origin of the band with a new mentality and a lot of experience involved.

So when you hear this, it probably sounds like a version of old Paramore on steroids; something that you never thought you were going to hear, but that you will definitely find interesting.

‘This Is Why’ will be available from next February 10 of this year and you can find it on all streaming platforms.

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