Latin Grammy winner and one of the most prominent artists in Latin America’s urban pop scene, Mike Bahía, today releases his new song “El Egoísmo,” an explosive collaboration alongside two of the most talked-about new names within Colombia’s urban movement: Dekko and Keityn.

El Egoísmo is a mix of urban and tropical rhythms with a beach-inspired base that is very characteristic of Mike. It’s a romantic song full of flow and positive energy. “I was looking for a song like this for a long time, a rumba song, simultaneously joyful and direct, to tell the love of your life that you don’t want to share them with anyone. When Keityn presented it to me in the studio, the connection was immediate. We showed it to Dekko, with whom I wanted to work for a long time, and he joined without thinking twice,” Mike states about this release.

The lyrics of “El Egoísmo” are direct and clear and are the perfect counterpart to the official music video for this song, a fresh clip that takes place at a party among friends where the worlds of the three artists come together, transmitting good vibes, much like American Pie. The video was filmed in Medellín under the production of Fury Records and the direction of Camilo Paredes and Jean Paul Egred.

Mike Bahía is without a doubt one of the most renowned artists within the urban pop scene. His music and unique essence have garnered him more than 6 million subscribers on social media and more than 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, in addition to bringing him on tour throughout Latin America and a large part of the United States.

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