Imagine Dragons was scheduled to perform tomorrow at Coliseo Live in Bogotá, but has just canceled its entire tour due to health problems of its singer.

The band, in a statement published on networks, regrets the cancellation of its tour in Latin America, but they assure that they plan to do another one soon. They make this decision due to the state of health of Dan Reynolds, the main vocalist who had a hemorrhage on his vocal cords since the last stage of his tour and for prevention his doctor has told him that it is better to wait, because singing like this could cause a irreparable damage. In addition to this, in recent days he had an accident and resulted in a sprain in his knee, making him unable to do so, having to use a splint and orthopedic rehabilitation therapies.

In their publication they say that they regret this situation, since they had never had to cancel a tour in 12 years. Their Mercury World Tour was going to start in the south of the continent today at the Coliseo Live in Bogotá where they had planned to play their latest double album, Mercury – Acts 1 & 2 and they would have announced that they would have two more dates for their tour for South Africa.

His international tour began in February in the United States, after being in Europe appearing in Prague, Vienna, the United Kingdom and also in Canada.

Finally, they assured that refunds will be available for people who cannot attend the new dates and the organizer of the Ocesa concert asks people who were going to attend to keep their tickets, since it will not be necessary to change them for a new date.

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