The single is released on the actor’s birthday but that’s not all. The artist released a preview where she is seen singing under the shower a letter that refers to the Bruno Mars theme, “When I Was Your Man”, where a man laments his separation and wishes his ex-partner that ” he “buys” her flowers, “takes her by the hand”, and takes her to all the parties to dance.

Now women get paid for her pain!

Miley follows in the footsteps of Shakira, who a few hours ago released a song against her ex, soccer player Gerard Piqué. A musical revenge that she made half the world speak for her words and comparisons.

With Flowers comes Miley’s musical revenge. The artist closes a page to open a new book and tell herself the story of her resurrection as a woman and an artist.

A “new era” that starts two years after her divorce with Liam Hemsworth, with whom she had a relationship -full of comings and goings- for more than 10 years. They met on the set of the movie La Última Canción, where they were both the protagonists.

The verses of ‘Flowers’ respond to Liam Hemsworth’s favorite song

In 2013, the actor had commented that his favorite song was When I Was Your Man, by Bruno Mars, a theme that Miley has responded to in her new single, which is also the flagship of her new album, named Endless Summer Vacation, whose premiere arrives on March 10.

In Flowers, the artist makes references to the lyrics of When I Was your Man by Bruno Mars (2012) but from a perspective of self-improvement and self-love. If Bruno Mars wants another man to “buy flowers” for the girl he’s in love with, Miley says there’s no need. That she already buys herself her own bouquets of hers.

Now you can add to your list of famous heartbreak songs, this one by Miley.

The flowers with which she decorated her wedding

Another most striking detail is that the single is called Flowers (flowers), which is the main element with which she decorated the ceremony in which she said yes with Liam Hemsworth.

The wedding took place in December 2018, just eight months before their breakup.

Source: Miley Cyrus estrena «Flowers» y va con críticas a Liam Hemsworth

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