Coincidence or not, the truth is that Shakira’s ghost haunts Gerard Piqué, wherever the Barcelona player is. The most recent proof of this was presented in the last game of the Blaugrana team, which was played in Mallorca for the Spanish league.

The team led by Xavi Hernández won by the slightest difference, thanks to a goal by Polish striker Robert Lewandowski. However, Piqué also stole the look when the song “Te Felicito” was played, performed by his ex-partner.

And it is that in the loudspeakers of the stadium of Mallorca, one of the musical successes of the singer from Barranquilla was heard and immediately the cameras of the cell phones pointed towards the Catalan defender, waiting to see his reaction.

Apparently, Gerard Piqué simply chose to keep his head down as he warmed up for the match in which he started. According to the comments on Twitter, everything indicates that the DJ in charge of the music in the stadium did it on purpose.

Both Piqué and Shakira are currently in the process of separation and custody of their two children, after the couple announced their separation a few months ago.

On a sporting level, Piqué has also had setbacks in his role as a Barcelona player, since he has little participation and is for coach Xavi Hernández, one more substitute within the restructuring that has been carried out in the squad.

Only until this Saturday, the player was taken into account as a starter, more out of necessity, since several of the starters arrived injured after the dispute over the FIFA date with their respective teams.

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