One of the topics that she continues to talk about on social networks and on the portals of the pink press, has to do with the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Recently, it became known that the soccer player won the first battle against the barranquillera in the dispute over the custody of Milan and Sasha, which would have the artist for two more years while a new decision is made.

Another of the issues that the footballer is thinking about is the bad streak that he has been having in Barcelona, ​​because after his divorce, the directors of the Catalan club would not be comfortable with the infidelity scandals that surround the Blaugrana defender, who today have him in the eye of the hurricane, according to the Spanish media that do not lose track of both him and his new girlfriend.

However, something that has caught the attention of Internet users about the interpreter of Día de Enero and Ojos Así has ​​to do with the escort that accompanies her to all the places where the Colombian is present in case any security problem arises, since the man has stolen a few sighs for his physical appearance.

The escort’s first appearance was during the recording of the video clip that Shakira would be filming with Ozuna, because when he got out of the luxurious car in which he was moving, a corpulent man of good physical appearance was seen going to the car door. At that time, he was wearing a white collared T-shirt and his face sported a outlined beard.

Later, he is seen to duly fulfill his role as protector of the Colombian, since he was very attentive to each of the movements since she stood on one of the edges of the vehicle to greet those who were accompanying her during the recordings of the video and who shouted at him not to leave Spain.

Some of his fans have mentioned that the man would be nicer than Gerard Piqué, so some comments circulating on social networks mention: “Can you imagine being Shakira and having a bodyguard like this?” But trying to identify the man has become quite a challenge for some of his followers, who have not been able to find at least the name of the handsome escort.

Some of the comments that can be seen in Shakira’s publication on that occasion, show that her escort has several of her fans crazy, who have left some comments regarding the image of the handsome gentleman who accompanies her: “That man is more beautiful than Piqué”, “Bellaaaa and the beautiful bodyguard!”, “My God and that man where did he come from”, “Shakira stay with that gallant who takes care of you”, “I would stay with the bodyguard and I would not cry anymore for Piqué”, were some of the reactions of some Internet users.

These comments are added to those that circulated a few days ago, when some media outlets tried to romantically involve her with Íker Casillas, former partner of Gerard Piqué in the Spanish soccer team.

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