Britney Spears is one of the most recognized singers in the world, as her musical successes have become very popular worldwide and many of her followers admire her for her great talent. In addition, she was recently controversial because of her relationship with her father.

However, the singer has caught the attention of her followers lately for showing the other side of her on social networks: very outgoing and determined. She thus let it be seen in one of her posts on her Instagram where she appears natural and only covering her head with a hat, while she is on the beach, something that ignited social networks.

Before her publication, thousands of followers admired her beauty and especially her way of being, but some were concerned, because they think that the singer is suffering from mental problems when publishing this type of content.

And it is that, after regaining her freedom, Britney began to publish content, but without fewer clothes. In addition, she has now been seen partying more, dancing without a few clothes and other activities that she was not allowed to do.

“I love Britney, but it’s not private anymore”, “Britney, there is much more to you than your body”, “We love a free queen who can do what she wants with her body”, “Britney, I have always been your fan, But I don’t know what’s going on with you,” “Britney, you’re showing the world why you had guardianship! You need to go get proper counseling and mental health support,” and “We get it, you’re free and own your body, but show us more of your heart”, were the comments of some of his followers.

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