Vice President Francia Márquez met in Colombia with actresses Kerry Washington and Natalia Reyes. About this meeting, in which they shared a dinner, Márquez pointed out that they discussed the culture and the new narratives that can be implemented in Colombia.

“It was a great joy for me to receive the African-American actress Kerry Washington in the company of Natalia Reyes, who is a Colombian pride in the film industry. We talk about the importance of culture in the construction of new narratives, ”France Márquez said on her social networks.

“We come from different places, we have different missions, but a lot in common: we believe that a different world is possible, that we are part of that change and we are very stubborn,” Reyes declared on her Twitter account.

In addition, the Colombian actress declared that in time she hopes to have a cinema that breaks stereotypes and helps strengthen the country.

Similarly, the American actress Kerry Washington highlighted the work that Márquez has done during her political career and the support that she has given to the Afro-Colombian community.

“She has been a fearless defender of the black, indigenous and women of Colombia throughout her life. At just 40 years old she is the epitome of hard work, determination, pride and passion,” Washington stated on her social media.

Likewise, the American pointed out that she is very hopeful for the work that Francia Márquez can do in the National Government.

“She is creating real change by making bold decisions that serve the people who need it most in Colombia,” Washington said.

Natalia Reyes and Kerry Washington are in Colombia recording the movie Shadow Force, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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