The Colombian Women’s National Team qualified for the final of the Women’s U-17 World Cup, defeating Nigeria 6-5 in shots from the penalty spot.

It was not an easy game for Colombia. Above all, because in the first minutes, the Nigerians, due to their physique, surprised and made the goalkeeper Luisa Agudelo work a lot.

Something else happened after that first quarter of an hour. Colombia began to gain confidence and easily reach the goal of Nigeria, but the lack of aim meant that Colombia had to resign with 0-0 at halftime.

The second half was more even, with arrivals from both sides and with a couple of options for Colombia that could have ended in a goal. The Nigerian coach, resigned, sent his substitute goalkeeper onto the field, thinking about the shots from the penalty spot.

The tiebreaker from the penalty spot

1-0. Gabriela Rodríguez cheated on the Nigerian goalkeeper.

1-1 Edet Offiong tied the series for Nigeria.

2-1. Estefanía Perlaza left goalkeeper Linda Jiwuaku without an option.

2-2. Edidiong Etim charged to the left of Luisa Agudelo, who went to the other post.

2-2 Jiwuaku stopped the collection of Yesica Muñoz.

  1. Miracle Usani put Nigeria ahead.

3-3. Mary Jose Alvarez scores. The goalkeeper guessed the side, but she did not reach.

3-4. Taiwo Afolabi puts it in the center.

4-4. Linda Caicedo charges softly and to the left of the goalkeeper, who went to the other post.

4-4. Omamuzo Edafe crashed it into the post.

5-4. Juana Ortegón charges very similar to Linda Caicedo and puts Colombia ahead again.

5-5. Shakirat Oyinyola charged hard and to the right of Luisa Agudelo, who did not reach it.

6-5. Natalia Hernández charged softly and to the left.

6-5: Luisa Agudelo saved Comfort Folorunsho’s charge. COLOMBIA, TO THE FINAL!

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