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Juan González, director of the White House for the Western Hemisphere, confirmed to several media outlets that the president of his country, Joe Biden, will send a team of advisers next week to meet with the president-elect Gustavo Petro.

Gonzáles even took the opportunity to indicate that the US government viewed Luis Murillo’s appointment as ambassador very favorably.

“Luis is a great friend and he is a person who is highly respected here in Washington, not only because he maintains bipartisan relations, but because he knows Washington. That puts the new Petro administration in a very good position. We are very interested in agreeing on a broad agenda with Luis,” assured the director of the White House.

The meeting, according to a local agency, will be next week; and the one appointed by the US is Juan González, director for the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council of the White House.

The two governments will begin the route, among other aspects, on: Energy transition, Climate change and Peace agreement.

González’s visit would be part of an agenda in Latin America, since he will also be in Argentina and Uruguay.

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