The famous livestream of “LoFi Hip-hop Beats to study / relax to” that has already become a fundamental part of the popular history of the internet of our times, has come to an end after two years of being without interruptions, term which marks its clean transmission since it was also paused in 2020 due to technical server problems.

Today, the reason is not technical, but legal due to a high number of copyright complaints.

As the LoFiGirl Twitter account reported, YouTube was forced to end the stream to make it the longest video in the platform’s history.

With a duration of 20,000 hours, the video was recorded with a unique record after the same YouTube programmers decided to reopen the possibility of the account returning to its conventional streaming. This after the legal department reviewed that the accusations were abusive and the alleged copyright violations did not happen.

That’s right, any user can publish their video on YouTube and a third party can take the audio from that video and play it in their streaming without affecting the account of the person who is broadcasting, if it is not protected by copyright.

The reason they didn’t completely block the video? 85% of the accounts that reported do not even have an official aggregator, therefore, their music is not being “affected” by the constant playback on the channel.

Tell yourself that you are not losing views, on the contrary, more are being viewed, and since YouTube is not an aggregator, you do not see the need for anyone to have to pay for the number of plays that your songs have had.

They understand? They wanted to get money from him and they won’t be able to. So LoFi Girl will be back! But the record of two non-stop years will go down in history. In fact, it is very rare to see in a video that you still have more than 20,046 hours of playback left when you hit Play.

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