Latinos are becoming more and more frequent in the funny stories that come to us from Hollywood or anywhere else in the world.

We love the characters they play and without a doubt, Latinos are now the most sought-after new talent on social media and in their respective local media.

Tenoch Huerta

We start with a Mexican actor, who is breaking it today and took his roots to another level, TENOCH HUERTA. This actor started little by little winning everyone’s hearts and along the way he has been changing paradigms, reinventing how stories are told. He, along with the unstoppable Mexican, ANA DE LA REGUERA, whose long career in film, theater and television leaves those of us who love good content speechless, join the saga of films that terrifies all of us who watch that possible scenario: THE PURGE FOREVER, the ideal film for all lovers of suspense and action.

Ana de la Reguera

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Jordana Brewster

We continue with the Panamanian JORDANA BREWSTER, who is not far behind. She started as an actress in 2004, she is well known internationally for her role as the sister of Dominc Toretto (Vin Diesel) in the FAST AND FURIOUS saga. She can also be seen in movies like THE TEXAS MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING fleeing from a group of sadistic cannibals.

Rodrigo Santoro

RODRIGO SANTORO, a Brazilian who, after sweeping his country, set out to conquer Hollywood. Surely you remember him because of his interpretation of a Spanish Formula 1 tycoon in the movie FOCUS: MAESTROS DE LA SCAM alongside Will Smith. This actor also captivates us in the HBO Original series WESTWORLD, the science fiction series that takes place in the future and questions the limits of technology, based on the film by Michael Crichton.

Alice Braga

We cannot forget the successful Paulista, ALICE BRAGA, who has stood out in Hollywood productions such as I AM LEGEND, where she faces an unstoppable and incurable virus that attacks the entire world. Or her personifying a strong woman in a dystopian world where the most valuable organs are seized from patients who fall behind in their payments in THE COLLECTORS.


A worthy representative of the southern cone is STEPHANIE BEATRIZ, an Argentine actress of Colombian and Bolivian descent, who has stood out in films and series such as THE GREAT LEGO ADVENTURE 2 lending her voice to General Sweet Mayhem, or in the animated film GATÚBELA: STALKED giving life to Batwoman.


IGNACIO SERRICCHIO, Argentine-American film and television actor, stands out in international productions alongside legends such as Clint Eastwood. In his participation in LA MULA he plays Julio, a member of the Mexican cartel for whom Eastwood’s character works and is forced by his boss (Andy García) to watch him closely.

Sofia Vergara

We have in children’s productions such as HAPPY FEET 2: THE PENGUIN and OPERATION ESCAPE the Colombian who conquered Hollywood without losing her accent, her humor or her SOFÍA VERGARA uniqueness. She has been part of productions that made her the most powerful Latina in Hollywood and one of the highest paid stars in the industry.

John Leguizamo

Another worthy representative of Colombia is JOHN LEGUIZAMO who is an actor, comedian, producer and writer, known for playing Dr. Víctor Clemente in SALA DE ERGENCIAS. He also plays an agent with convictions and a keen interest in stopping villains in THE INFILTRATOR, where he infiltrates Pablo Escobar’s money laundering operation.

These are some actresses and actors who have shown that talent has no nationality. Discover these and more movies, only on HBO Max.

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