After several episodes and two seasons that simply blew us away, Rick & Morty returns with a big surprise for its 6th season: Dr. Wong.

For those who don’t remember her, Dr. Wong was the famous psychiatrist who pushed Rick Sánchez to become a pickle so she wouldn’t have to attend his therapy.

Hence, one of the new icons of animated pop culture is born: Pickle Rick! Same that gave rise to one of the best episodes of all seasons created by Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland.

After one of the most introspective seasons in which the focus is on the Smith family’s relationship with this new planet earth (and reality), it now seems that the cosmic and interdimensional adventures will regain strength in order to return to the genesis from the original Rick & Morty narrative.

And when will they be able to see them? Starting this coming November 20 through Adult Swim, and then on HBO Max. So now you know! Stay tuned because this pair’s adventures are just beginning.


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Source: Esterefonica

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