Four years have passed since the last time Muse decided to release an album, and although the wait was too long, we swear that after you listen to ‘Will of the People’, you will know that it was not in vain.

The trio made up of Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard & Chris Wolstenholme, has returned with its ninth studio album that already in the past presented us with “Won’t Stand Down”, “Compliance”, “Kill Or Be Killed”, reports Billboard.

Entitled ‘Will of the People’, the disc will have an NFT available to fans in the UK over the course of the next month. In turn, it is a pioneer in the world of Web3, crowning itself as the first material to open the way in this field.

Made up of 10 tracks, this material manages to maintain one of Muse’s biggest banners since ‘Showbizz’ in ’99, which is basically taking advantage of every technological tool available in the world to create music.

If you like to experience new sensations when listening to a song and it makes you repeat it over and over again, you will surely want to listen to this album several times this week and the rest of the year. It’s a nice piece of art and music.

So if they thought that Muse would take steps backwards, they were very wrong, because in addition to entering the metaverse, in production matters, once again the band has gone to waste money to get the most modern machines that Warner & Helium-3 they could give them.

Source: Estereofonica

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