With a focus on 70s soul and recorded entirely in analog, the song was recorded at El Desierto Casa Estudio, on the outskirts of Mexico City, in the Desierto de los Leones, produced by Adán Jodorowsky.

“Greta Garbo,” his most personal album to date, will be his next release.

In the album, there is a sense of enthusiasm and restlessness, which Bunbury calls “The Greta Garbo Syndrome.”

“It is always difficult for an artist to summarize or explain a work. All the albums I recorded are children of their time and the experiences surrounding their recording and composition. They sound like that because of the circumstances that preceded and accompanied the writing and interpretation of them. An album is an interpersonal experience, dependent on the technical and human team and the geographical location during the creative process and sound recording.

This is the direct consequence of a critical year in my professional life. After recording two albums (“Posible,” May 2020, and “Curso de levitación intensivo,” December 2020) and a half (“El Puerto Ep,” December 2021) during the pandemic restrictions period, I finally returned to the road with the first tour in almost three years. The tour coincided with the 35th anniversary of my first album’s release in 1987 with my Héroes del Silencio bandmates, and we wanted it to cover my entire career, from my early days with the group to my latest solo albums. Unfortunately, the tour was extremely complicated and traumatic for me. With everything sold out, both in Mexico and the United States, getting on stage became increasingly complicated day by day. My physical problems included compulsive and nocturnal coughing, which prevented me from sleeping and destroyed my throat, and a strange sensation of sand in my lungs. Psychologically, each day was like climbing new eight-thousanders in an impossible challenge. Finally, we canceled all remaining shows, and, in desperation, I decided to accept that I could not perform on stage under those conditions.

During that period and in the following months, I wrote the songs for the new album. Some expressed the anger and discontent caused by the situation. Others glimpsed a glimmer of hope, seeing creation as my last way out. In many of the songs included in the album, there is a mix of restlessness and enthusiasm for something we could call the Greta Garbo Syndrome. The famous Swedish actress decided to leave the film scene at the age of 36, at the peak of her career. The circumstances made me think that, although I continued to write and compose, moving away from the stage creates an unwanted distance from the audience. This album is a response to the trauma suffered throughout this period.” – Bunbury

The music video is directed by the duo Jose Girl & Sergio Abuja and shows Bunbury’s animal spirit in the form of a wolf.

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