The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, and his counterpart in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, will meet for the first time as Heads of State this Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela.

This was confirmed by the Presidency of the Republic through a statement in which it also reported that the head of state will travel to the capital of that country to hold an official lunch with Maduro and his work team.

According to the Casa de Nariño, “the issues to be discussed at the meeting of the leaders will be the bilateral relationship between the two countries, the reopening of borders and the re-entry of Venezuela to the inter-American human rights system.”

Although this issue was not confirmed by the Presidency, it is expected that President Petro can also express his dissatisfaction to Maduro for the passage of merchandise through the illegal trails that connect Colombia and Venezuela.

As the head of state said last week, the borders were officially opened so that the merchandise can pass legally and generate profits for both sides. A fact that would be left aside if the merchandise continues to pass through these routes.

“The meeting is part of President Gustavo Petro’s leadership to boost the region’s economy and socialize his agenda in favor of the interests of the Latin American bloc and the protection of the Amazon, and as part of the preliminary meetings for COP 27,” concluded the official statement.

Two months ago it was known about a first meeting that both leaders would hold in the official reopening of the Colombian-Venezuelan border. However, that meeting never took place, so this Tuesday will be the first face-to-face between the two leftist leaders.

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President Petro will meet with Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela this Tuesday 14

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