In the world of cinema, the John Wick saga is considered one of the best action franchises of the last decade. This saga tells the story of a former hitman who seeks revenge after the death of his wife and the murder of his dog, his only companion in the world. Through three previous films, we have witnessed the evolution of this character, and now, on the eve of the release of John Wick 4, fans of the saga have the opportunity to acquire collectibles created by 12 artists from 9 countries.

The universe of John Wick in the artwork

To create these exclusive works of art, each artist was invited to capture their personal interpretation of the John Wick universe on a poster. Each of them used different techniques and styles, allowing us to appreciate the diversity of talent and creativity that exists in the art world.

Among the artists selected for this collection, we find Xi Zu (USA), Ken Taylor (Australia), Taj Francis (Jamaica), Flore Maquin (France), Alice X Zhang (USA), Yann Couedor ( France), Ed Fairburn (UK), Yuko Shimizu (Japan), Matt Taylor (UK), Mexi Funk (Colombia), Oliver Barrett (USA) and Ruiz Burgos (Spain).

Each of them has presented his work of art on a daily basis on social networks, which has generated great expectations among followers of the saga. The creations of these artists allow us to appreciate different approaches to the characters and the plot of John Wick, as well as the diversity of artistic techniques used.

Matt Taylor (United Kingdom)
Taj Francis (Jamaica)
Yuko Shimizu (Japan)
Ed Fairburn (United Kingdom)
Yann Couedor (France)
Mexi Funk (Colombia)
Alice X Zhang (USA)
Flore Maquin (France)
Ken Taylor (Australia)
Zi Xu (USA)

Mexi Funk’s artwork

Among the works presented in this collection, that of the Cuban-Mexican artist Orlando Arocena, known in the artistic world as Mexi Funk, stands out. Arocena was chosen by Lionsgate as ambassador of John Wick 4 for Colombia, which shows the quality and originality of his work.

In his proposal, Arocena merges the face of John Wick with iconography of the character, such as his medallion, a third eye and the cross of the house that adopted him, among other elements. This work allows us to appreciate the mystique and essence of the character, as well as the artist’s ability to combine different elements in a single piece of art.

Source: Estereofonica

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